I arranged to do a photo-shoot at my friends house last week, and I wanted to post a few of the pictures to give you a sneak preview of what I am doing! As I’m studying fashion photography at uni, this shoot is particularly inspired by one of my projects and I thought the best place to do it was at my friend’s house. 

I love this house, the people who live in it and everything else inside it, it’s full of quirky, kitsch ornaments and all sorts of bits and bobs, which match my friends personality down to a tee! So I thought it would be the best place to shoot a surrealism inspired look. The idea is that the models look “surreal” (of course) so they can be defined as some sort of irrational juxtaposition. Meanwhile trying to capture all of this, I am showcasing the clothes or the supposed look that they are to be advertising. 
I hope you like what I have done and if you have any comments, suggestions or useful feedback please let me know below. If you would like to do a collaboration shoot if you are a beauty blogger or would like a photographer in general then email me at oliviamay_lynn@hotmail.co.uk.

Here are some of the images of the house...

Here are some of the final outcomes... Hope you like them!


  1. The final three are my favourites, love the disco ball one in particular though! Your friends' house is absolutely gorgeous too, I'd love to have a house like that when I move out.

    Megan | Lazy Thoughts

  2. Hey, I love your blog so I've nominated you for a Liebster award! All the info is over on my blog: http://mollyfrancesca.blogspot.co.uk/ xo

  3. Love the last shot with the wild bore head, so cool x



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