Please excuse my face in these pictures! I look rather grumpy haha! I think it was the sun in my eyes! 

Denim Shirt - eBay
White Vest - Topshop
White High Rise Denim Shorts - Charity Shop (DIY) 
Chelsea Boots - River Island
Necklace - H&M

So recently it has been really warm! (for the UK) so I have been getting my pins out a lot and I thought to myself that I hadn’t worn double denim in a while and I believe it can be achieved if you do it right! 

My shorts I found in a charity shop where they were once flared jeans! so I cut them off and frayed them a little and there you have it! DIY shorts for summer! I love the double white for summer as it is very on trend and enhances your tan (although mine is non-existent!) 

The double denim shines through with my new Wrangler denim shirt I got on eBay for around £5 - BARGAIN! This works perfectly with the denim shorts and my chelsea boots for a rocky vibe. 

My outfit was perfect for wearing around the house (with bare feet of course because shoes inside is just wrong?! unless your at a party!) and popping to the shop for a few bits.

Had a comfy day for updating my blog and thanking everyone for their congratulations on my nomination for an ASOS Fashion Finder Award! Click the button on the left of my blog if you want to heart my outfit (that would be amazing thank you!) and thank you so much to the ASOS team for my nomination! 

Hope your all having fun in the sun! 


  1. Love the denim shirt worn as a jacket - it looks wonderful.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog; I can't wait to read more here!

  2. I really like your style and hair!
    Followed via gfc and bloglovin :)

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