Dungarees - Primark
White Boxy Shirt - ASOS
Black Double Buckle Sliders - Primark 
Black Cross Body Bag - Primark

So I’m back with one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. I bought these dungarees from Primark quite a while ago now and intentionally got them in a bigger size for an oversize look. (obviously!) The only problem I had with these is a gap around my waist which is nothing a bit of sewing can’t fix! I love how versatile these are with the whole, one-strap/two-strap dilemma when wearing them. I suppose it depends on how casual you feel! 

This time I decided on the two strap formality as I paired them with my boxy crop shirt for a more formal look! I usually love to sling these on belted at the waist with the top folded like an apron and with a causal crop top for ultimate comfort and a 90’s Destiny’s Child/Lauryn Hill vibe. 

Hope you like my outfit! (P.S. Apologies for my squinting! Should have put my sunglasses on!) 

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