So, I have been absent from my blog for a while now, due to intense deadlines in december, this horrible flu going around, having a busy January and in all honestly laziness. But here I am, finally back and glad, although admittedly I did think about giving up my blog. 

I thought to myself first of all, how am I going to keep up with my uni work as it is only going to get harder, when will I find time, who will take my pictures etc… Thinking about it, I’m just being lazy, slogging in front of the television and spending those precious extra minutes in the morning, pressing the snooze button. This is going to change. 

I also thought, this is so self obsessed and narcissistic to just post pictures of myself, what I’m wearing and other things that I like. But then I came across a recent post on one of my favourite blogs Fashion Slave, by Sophie Milner, which I discovered she thought the same, until she reminded herself the reason why she became a blogger. One reason was the confidence it gave her and others who have commented on her posts. I have had a few people I know come up to me and say that they like my blog and my friends are really supportive so thank you to everyone for boosting my confidence. 

Now I only hope to be able to boost other peoples confidence, being one of the plus size bloggers out there, I want to be able to give other people confidence to feel good in what they wear no matter what their size. 

Another reason Sophie continues blogging her fashion choices and other things is because in some ways, blogging is like a diary. Certain outfits may remind me of a certain occasion, event or moment in my life, and I can look back and reminisce. 

Finally, I want to carry on because I actually enjoy it, I know I’m still a beginner, but everyone starts somewhere right? I may even get better at this along the way! Who knows! 
In 2015 I plan to
  • not be so lazy 
  • take my camera everywhere 
  • buy less impulsively or just for the sake of buying
  • wear neglected things in my wardrobe more often 
  • post a variety of different things
  • wear more colour

I hope I’m not sitting here in December muttering ‘Oops’ to myself. 

Thank you for reading and supporting me! (Soz about the cheesiness..) 

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