So here is my first outfit post of 2015! In February! January may not have been as productive as I originally planned or as I thought it would be but hey, I'm here now. Sticking to my plan. I also made a resolution to post different things, now I know this is similar to what I already post but if you hadn't noticed... I MADE A GIF! I wanted to do something different on my blog and I haven't seen anyone do this with their outfits yet, don't get me wrong, I'm sure I am not the first, but I did it anyway!

Let me know what you think, I'm unsure of the speed at the moment but that can be changed! I also was unsure as to whether I should post still images too or not? Feedback would be lovely please! 

Long Duster - Vila Clothing (similar here)
Slogan White Tee - River Island (similar here)
Khaki Smart Jogging Bottoms - Primark (similar here)
Two Strap Low Heel - Primark (similar here)
Reversible Tote - Zara 

As previously mentioned Khaki is everywhere come January, of course I jumped on the bandwagon, but its because one of the most popular trends to rework is military and I love seeing the different interpretations every year. I picked up these trousers from Primark and wasn't sure for a while but after wearing them all day, they are actually really comfortable. 

I have had this duster coat for a while but it has just been a bit cold to wear it recently! I love the texture and the fact it has no collar but I need warm weather soon pleeeease! 
I am a sucker for a white t-shirt, especially with a slogan on. There will be many more of these to come I'm sure. I've been waiting for this bag for ages and in finally came into stock before christmas and I love it. Can't wait to try it out in reverse! Red! 

Lastly my shoobs. I found a pair like mine on Kurt Geiger, nearly bought them as I have been after a similar pair for a while. I put it off another day when who should come to my rescue but the wonder that is Primark. These little babies jumped out at me and were straight in my shopping basket. They even have comfort gel cushions built in. Perfect for me! I wish finding every pair of shoes was like a fairytale! 

Hope you like my first outfit post of 2015! 

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