Black and White Flecked Jumper - H&M (Similar here)
Long White Shirt -  H&M (Similar here)
Imitation Leather Shorts - H&M (Similar here)
Reversible Tote - Zara
Faux Suede Slip-on Boots - Primark (Similar here)
Tartan Scarf - Fabric Shop (Similar here

I finally found it was warm enough to go out without a coat, and shorts for that matter! The weather is much milder this week in Southampton and I am making the most of it! 

This jumper reminds me of when you see a mans hair going grey and some people call it the salt and pepper look, hence the reason for my title! Oh and the opening line of the classic song “Push It!” by pop duo Salt and Pepa! TUNE. 

On another note (Geddit? because I was talking about music…eheheh) looking at my post photos, I realised I have unconsciously co-ordinated my bag lining with my scarf. Styling without realising. *Hair-flip!* 

Today I was fortunate enough to get someone to take my photos for me! (I am usually a victim of self-timer, the things us new bloggers have to go through *sigh*) this was my housemate Jess! Wearing my coat and scarf, as per usual, I’ve recently got a new rail for them and she takes and goes as she likes as well as a few other of my housemates! So thank you Jessica, you are a star! 

Hope you like my cosy outfit for warmer weather, If that makes sense?!

Luff to my small population of readers! 

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  1. Love the outfit!
    For me, is my boyfriend that takes my photos because I don't really like pictures taken by myself, but I am always depending on his schedule...

    Zazu's World Blog


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