Black Crop Tee - Primark (this was a little DIY number, Similar here.) 
Black String Vest - Urban Outfitters 
Black Peg Trousers - ASOS
Timberland Classic Boots - ASOS
Shearling Bomber - Topshop (Similar)

I have had this string vest for a while now and I also have it in white but have been unsure how to style it or if it even suits me at all. Well, thanks to the beauty that is Olivia Emily and her elegantly fabulous style inspiration. I decided to layer it like I have seen Olivia do, specifically in this outfit post and also with her fishnets under her ripped jeans, amazing idea, thank you, definitely trying this! So you neeeed to Check her out, she is definitely one of my favourite bloggers, oh and I have serious leg and hair envy, both of which, long and GORGEOUS!

Now I know my outfits a little dark and I’m supposed to be sticking to my resolutions by wearing more colour... but, mixing texture counts too right? Teamed with a cosy warm Bomber jacket (which was in the sale! Result, I know.) and chunky timberlands for a comfy chilled day at uni catching up with work. So have a go at layering with texture, whether it is mesh, lace, fishnet, or something else just as fabulous! The possibilities are endless! (cliché. I know) 

I hope you like my outfit and I wonder what you will string together...
(Geddit?! STRING! [String vest] mwhahahahahah!) 

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