Prince of Wales Check Culottes - Boohoo
Long Sleeve Crop - Topshop
Camel Coat - Missguided
Leopard Zip Boots - Pink Soda @ Bank (Similar)
Mock Croc Cross Body Bag - Charity Shop (Similar)

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my weird squinty facial expressions in these pictures, I think it was a mixture of sun in my eyes and maybe trying to channel a moody look, embarrassing I know. SOZ. Oh and also I have tried out a fade effect on my GIF, whaddya think? I know its a little jumpy and not quite right yet, but hey, practice makes perfect right. I'll be GIFted (eheheh) at making these soon. 

I remember watching my mum get ready when I was younger and like most little girls, loving it. Whether it was for work or a night out, I remember her putting on a pair of plain black culottes and being confused as to whether they were shorts or trousers in my fashion naivety. 

I had the same feeling towards them more recently when I saw them reappearing in the street style snaps. But like most trends I have been won over and now own a pair! I love that these are wide leg and could be mistaken as a skirt. SURPRISE! 

Anyway, I hope you like how I’ve styled them! Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Love that bag! By the way, you have AMAZING hair! x


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