Carlton T-Shirt - Primark Man (Similar)
Geometric Trousers - New Look (Similar)
Waterfall Duster Coat - Vila @ ASOS (Similar)
Adidas Leopard ZX Flux - Foot Locker (Similar)

My outfit today is a little bit throwback, not just because it has a little nineties vibe but because a few months back I posted an outfit with my Will Smith tee and today I’m posting my Carlton tee, hence the name of my post! I wear this all the time and my friends roll their eyes when i have it on but strangers seem to compliment me. Either way I’m not gonna stop wearing it! 

I thought I might clash a few prints today as well, I decided to bust out another pair of clown trousers, this time its my geometric pattern purple ones, these are so comfy swell which is a bonus. I think the leopard print on my trainers makes them pop perfectly and they are a go to combo for me when I want to be colourful - keeping to my resolution. 

I hope you like my outfit and it gives you the confidence to attempt a print and colour clash too! If I can do it, anyone can! 

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  1. I love this outfit! It's so much fun :) Where did you get your earrings?


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