Denim Shirt - Charity Shop (Similar)
Black Skater Skirt - eBay (Originally New Look)
Black Blazer - Primark (Similar
Black Pull On Boots - Primark (Similar
Purple Lipstick in shade “Depraved” - Make Up Revolution 

So if you hadn't noticed I got my nose pierced! Or re-pierced as I used to have it done 2 years ago, and I love it! For anyone who is thinking about doing it, it actually doesn’t hurt as much as you think. The only reason why I took my piercing out before is because I kept losing the studs and playing with it too much. This time I am going to stock up on studs and leave it alone! Although its day 2 and I still can’t stop playing with it! Don’t do what I’m doing! 

I’ve also decided to start telling you guys about what lipstick I’m wearing because I love this colour and have started wearing lipstick pretty much every day now. Its crazy how it just gives you that little confidence boost no matter what colour. 

My outfit today is so simple, a mixture of wardrobe essentials everyone should have and its also very cost effective. Shopping in charity shops is my favourite thing to do because you never know what gems you can find! The best kind are the staple pieces everyone has one too many of and needs to get rid of. 

Like this denim shirt, which only cost £5 when a good quality one would usually set you back around £30/40! My skirt was only £3 from eBay, which is a great place to look for wardrobe essentials, like the black skater. Finally black blazer was only around £15 and my boots were around the same price, also from Primark and both staple pieces for your wardrobe! 

You don’t have to look far for good quality essentials that can be worn over and over and restyled as many ways as you can think!

This will probably be my last post for a while as I have many deadlines looming, will have no time and be stress a la stressed! Also, big thank you to my housemate and bestie Rach for taking these pics, I shall be posting her outfit soon too as she looks fabbity fab. Some of the images are taken on my Canon and the others on her Sony which is why my face looks a little blurry and airbrushed.

 Hope you all had a lovely Easter/Spring Break! 

Luff x


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