Khaki/Bottle Green Mac - Primark (Similar)
Black & White Crop - Primark (Similar)
High Waist Peg Trousers - ASOS
Adidas Leopard ZX Flux - Footlocker (Similar
Gold Hoop Earrings - Claire’s
So I have been absent for longer than intended due to my immune system being as weak as a single vodka and coke. I have had fevers, colds, dodgy stomachs and I am currently on 8 penicillin a day for tonsillitis. NOT good. Anyway I am back in Surrey now for Summer and have my Mumma looking after me, the best thing when you’re feeling ill I think! 

 So I decided to take the photos in direct sunlight and have weird shadows all over my face. Nice one Liv. So sorry about that guys! Anyway I managed to salvage them somewhat so I could show you my favourite coat at the moment. I haven’t been anywhere without this lightweight mac from Primark recently. It’s the perfect coat for english summertime, when it gets chilly in the evenings and to be honest in the daytime too! 

This little crop is my new favourite top for the summer although its black, I am starting to appreciate a stripe a lot more every now and then, despite being told by everyone to avoid horizontals as they make you look larger. Well I have decided that I don’t care anymore! I like them so I shall wear them! Also I am going to try and start tagging my jewellery, which will mostly be large hoop earrings like the ones I have in now. The bigger the better in my opinion! 

Also, I haven’t had my hair cut! Its just tucked in! I kind of liked it like this but I would never cut it this short! I’m pretty sure, half my brain is hidden up in my barnet, also its pretty frizzy today, apologies again. Anyway I hope you like my outfit and hopefully I will be on here a lot more! Looking forward to writing some new posts and getting all your opinions! 

Luff Luff! x

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