Burgundy Maxi Skirt - eBay
White Batwing Cardigan - Primark (Similar)
Faux Suede Chain Bag (Old) - Next (Similar)
White Flatform Wedges - Primark (Similar)
Chain Belt - Sassy World (Similar)
Sunglasses (Prescription) - ROXY @ Specsavers   

Today I am going to share with you my favourite trick for a quick new outfit this summer! I do this with all my maxi skirts and its is the perfect way to come up with a new look for absolutely no extra money whatsoever! 

All I simply do is hitch up the waistband of my skirt, just above my boobs and belt it round my waist and VOILA! a new midi dress! Of course, not all maxi’s will be able to do it, only those with an elasticated waist and made from a jersey-like material. Also, look out for belt loops which can easily be unpicked or hidden! 

However if you haven’t got one, I would seriously invest. 2 outfits in one! what more could you want? They are so cheap, whether you are getting one from Primark, which should only set you back £10 or less or you have a little browse on eBay where they are going even cheaper! 

You can style yours however you like for daytime or evening and they are the quickest outfit ever! Today I was being a lady who lunches (mmm food) and this seemed perfect for hiding my full belly. Hope you like it!

Let me know if you do things like this with any of your other items! I need to know these tips! 

Thanks for reading! 

p.s. excuse my hilarious bitch face in one image on the gif. 

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  1. Great look! It goes perfectly with your hair... Love it!

    Zazu's World Blog


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