So very recently, this month in fact, I turned the magical age of 21 and I loved it. For me turning 18 was amazing because it meant I could go OUT OUT. I mean, life as a teenager in Surrey mainly consisted of drinking alcohol. Whether it was at a house party, down the park, or in a random field, (the epitome of class) alcohol was consumed which inevitably led to many a funny story. 

So when all the birthdays came around and one by one all my friends started to show up to college on a friday with a hangover. (thursday night was student night) I was so ready to join them in my heels, cocktail in hand, dancing round a cramped and sweaty club. It was all I wanted! (still ever so classy!) 

I did love the parties, a little too much in fact, I broke my arm one night, in a dance off, talented I know. But going out is what I really craved and finally, being one of the last of my friendship group, it happened, the big 1-8! 

Then I went straight off to uni which meant more alcohol consumption and a lot more of going out, but I’ll save that story for another day. What I’m trying to get at is that, drinking legally in a bar, pub or club is probably the best thing about turning 18. So why does 21 feel so much better? 

Legally, its really not more exciting. But the celebrating is. Being at uni in a different city, I barely get to see any family or friends from home, so birthdays mean parties and parties mean reconciliation, laughing at our younger selves and just generally having such a good time. I suppose the fact that these events become rarer and further apart makes them more special and as a result better. 

(Some photos are taken on phones so will be bad quality, sorry!) 

I just thought I would share a few photos from my birthday and a few of my friends parties that I have been to, just to show you that it really is MAZIN. So, if you have a birthday coming up, 21 or not, make the most of it, because it will be fabulous no matter what. 

Much luff

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