Light Denim Shirt - Primark (Similar)
Denim Button Down Skirt - Charity Shop (Similar)
Thigh High Boots - eBay
Tan Belt - H&M (Similar)
Zip Cross Body Bag - Primark (Similar) 
Light Waterfall Duster Coat - Vila 
Bracelet Watch - Skagen 

I have finally got my hands on a button down denim skirt, and it only cost me £5.50 from a charity shop! With a little trim to alter the hem length it was ready for wearing! Although, you may be able to see, the skirt is a bit too big and has a slight paper bag look too it rather than the desired A-line style. BUT HEY HO! I’m gonna wear it anyway! 

I decided to to full out double trouble with the denim because, its my favourite way to style it and the buttons just happen to match/mismatch up too! I went for a lighter shade on top because I don’t think my darkest shirt is the right shade for the skirt. (Tongue twister much!) So a stonewash button down is next on my wish list! 

My thigh high’s go together with the denim perfectly, in my opinion, and are fast becoming my favourite footwear! These babies just happened to be a bargain too, coming from eBay at only £29.99 instead of the much pricier options you may see in other stores and online. 

Once again I am the queen of the bargains. *Hair-flip*

Love to the kids!

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  1. Ahh I definitely should have scoured the charity shops before I splashed out on my button down skirt from Topshop. Eeek. Great outfit, you're rocking that double denim x


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