Denim Shirt - Charity Shop (Similar)
Cream Gingham Skirt - Primark (Similar)
Leopard Boots - Pink Soda @ BANK (Similar - I LOVE THESE)
Zip Cross Body Bag - Primark (Similar
Bracelet Watch - Skagen 

Bonjour mes petits dejeuners!

(Yes I know that means ‘hello my little breakfasts’ but it sounds so affectionate in french. I LOVE IT)

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to try a denim look with a darker shade on top and lighter on the bottom. I haven’t got round to purchasing a lighter denim skirt but i do have this cream skirt which is definitely lighter than the denim! So here we are! 

Now, denim seems to be featuring a lot recently, and I would just like to mention, you can NEVER have enough of it. I have 4 shirts, 4 jackets, 1 pair of dungarees, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair of jeans. I NEED MORE. Actually listing it has made me realise how little I have, 10 pieces is NOTHING! GIMMEEE 

A-n-y-way... I love the contrast my skirt adds to the look and I thought I needed to get my boots out again. After all they were made for walking!

So thats it from me, hope you like what you see!

Remember rhyme is not a crime.

Stopping now.

Au Revoir! 

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