Fresh Prince Tee - Primark Man (Similar
High Waist Peg Trousers - ASOS
Black Blazer - Primark (Similar
Leopard Adidas ZX Flux - Footlocker (Similar
Bracelet Watch - Skagen 
MakeUp Revolution Amazing Lipstick in "Rebel With Cause"

It happened again. This one is probably the best she’s ever done though. I love this picture. Someone got a little too interested in the camera noises. 

Aside from the photobombing. I love this outfit. Theirs nothing like dressing down a suit with a t-shirt. OR you could look at it as dressing up a t-shirt with a suit. FABULOUS. I know. 

Just to top off the magicalness of this combo, My t-shirt does feature the AMAZING Will Smith. (I’ve shown you this before, Carlton has also made an appearance) My t-shirt is starting to fade now, due to excessive wear, but I shall wear it until the cows come home and then I will find another. Because, to me, having a Fresh Prince tee is a wardrobe staple and essential. You heard it here first.

Ooh look. Leopard shoes again. Also becoming a staple for me. 

Enough rambling from me. Hope you like my ensemble. 


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