Can we all just appreciate how much my cat wants to get away from me in this picture. Bless. She loves me. 

Polka Dot Peg Trousers - ASOS (Similar)
Stripe Crop - Primark (Similar
Shearling Bomber - Topshop (Similar
Classic Timberlands - ASOS 
Rimmel Provocalips in Skinny Dipping - Boots 

I have decided that I look weird when I’m not smiling or pulling a face in photos, so I may be playing up for the camera a little from now on. Of course, those pouty, bitch faces may make an appearance every now and then. But, WHY SO SERIOUS?!

ANYway, on with the show… These are the comfiest trousers known to man. If you haven’t seen them pop up in a post before or read me rambling on about them then I will just tell you about them once more. They are my favourite style to wear and I have 5 pairs, which is not excessive at all (2 pairs in black, 1 khaki and 1 black with a gold pattern) AND IM NOT ASHAMED TO TELL THE WORLD.

However, these I would never usually wear out because they have a slight pyjama look to them. BUT… today I bit the bullet and decided I didn’t care, and just to exaggerate my point I clashed my polka dot pins with SASSAY stripes.

Of course my Timberlands had to come along for the ride too. They are my babiez. 

Hope you like my outfit and my not so serious posing. 


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