Culottes - Mothers Maternity Wardrobe (Similar
Strappy Crop - Topshop
Batwing Cardigan - Primark (Similar)
Leopard Print Boots - Missguided (Similar
Rimmel Provocalips in "Skinny Dipping" 

Like every other girl, I have my favourite shop or site from where I get my clothing from. But I never thought whilst searching through a bin bag of my old baby clothes, I would come across my new favourite items. I found these babies! Turns out they were my mumma's maternity trousers and I LOVE EM. 

These are also the comfiest ever, (comfort is key for me, if you couldn’t tell - who wants to feel awkward in their clothes? NAT ME) they are so light and airy to wear, which is good considering we are still getting a few appearances from the sun this september. Don’t worry. I’m as surprised as you are.

As always I have chosen to clash a print with one of my many pairs of leopard print shoes cos leopard is life. I’m even flashing a cheeky bit of ankle. RAUNCHY. I KNOW. 

Anyway I hope you like my little find and if you get the chance to root through your mums old garmz, go for it. 

muchos luvos.

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  1. Such cool culottes!! ( Have the same boots and love them <3)

    Zazu's World Blog


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