High Neck Swing Dress - Topshop
Long Sleeve Crop - Topshop (Similar)
OTK Boots - eBay 
Bomber Jacket - Primark (Similar) 
Reversible Tote - ZARA
Pom Pom - Dune

Apologies for the rather serious face here. CHEER UP LIV.

So like every other autumn, layering is back. We all gots to wrap up warm, especially in the UK because it gets bladdy nippy

So I have been umming and ahhing over the polo/turtle/high neck, because I am prone to a double chin. (If you don't have one, eat some cake for gods sake!) I was also pondering over the colour of this dress because, although I love the powder blue, I am trés pale and it may wash me out! But I thought, chuck it in the fuck it bucket. (Scusi) The colour will go with my hair and the swing style is flattering for my currrvez. 

So back to my point about layering I wanted to layer polo necks underneath normal sleeveless garments but have ended up kind of doing it differently! However I do still have my eyes peeled for some high necks if anyone wants to suggest some?! 

Whaddya think? Hope you like my long sleeve layaz!

Adios chicas! 

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