When reading through my favourite blogs, I love it when I see girls in glasses. To me, my glasses are a huge part of who I am. I just feel like I don't look right without them and I have actually quite often been referred to as 'the one with the glasses' by some people, (seriously) which further adds to my point that they are what makes me, me. 

Sometimes I like to say that I'm hiding behind them, and on some days that may be the case, (definitely hangover days) but I actually just love wearing them. Its like having another accessory which you can change up depending on your mood or your outfit! 

When Brulimar contacted me about reviewing a pair of their glasses I jumped at the chance because you don’t see it much on other blogs, and its something I want to write about. Hopefully you will want to read about it too!

These cat eye frames by Lee Cooper particularly caught my eye, as my eyes aren't particularly feminine looking because of my super straight eyelashes (bane of my life). I think the shape gives the illusion of a lift in the corner of my eye and adds a flirty, fifties femininity despite the bold shape and style. Lastly, I love the ombre burgundy colour these have, as it goes with my reddish hair colour and co-ordinates are for the win right!

This particular style* is also available in a light, demi-brown ombre style and a darker brown pattern perfect for you spexy (eyy!) blondes and brunettes out there. If you want to be matchy-matchy like me of course. 

If you don’t like my frames, you can leave…

I joke. I joke. Brulimar hold one of the largest portfolios of frames for adults, teens and children. Whether you are looking for specialist sizes, fashion brands, fashion collections or even budget collections, you don’t have to compromise on quality. Check it out here! 

Hope you like my new spec-ta-clayyy and whilst you're here you may as well have a snoop at what else Brulimar optical group have to offer! 

Go on. 

I know you want to. 

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