If you didn’t catch my post a few days ago about my collaboration with Brulimar, check it here or simply have a scroll down my lovers! 

I was lucky enough to receive not only one but two pairs of frames from the optical group to review, and the second pair I chose were tinted sunglasses frames. Funny really, because ever since I can remember I have got a 2 for 1 deal with my specs and I always choose both normal and a pair of sunnies! Bargain queen strikes again! *hurr flip*

So usually when selecting my sunnies, preferably I like my frames quite large. Sometimes I even choose sunglasses frames to have my clear prescription lens in. Because they tend to be bigger than the normal frames and to simply adhere to cliché, the bigger the better!

I also get laughed at quite a lot for wearing my prescription sunnies but ‘Frankly my dears I don't give a damn’. They are so much easier than having to put in contact lenses every time its sunny. (Mr and Mrs contact lens and I are not the best of pals) Also, now there are so many shapes and styles of frames that no one would ever know, prescription or not!

These Bench sunglasses also have a cat eye shape to them like the Lee Cooper frames, only not as harsh or angular. You can tell I’m a fan of that shape and variation of the style, I think these are more modern looking compared to the other style which may be why I seem to be extra posey (lol at my face) and I also love the tortoise shell colouring. GORGE. They seem to have bought the diva out in me as well. Giving some serious pout face there. Blimey.

Brulimar hold one of the largest portfolios of frames for adults, teens and children. Whether you are looking for specialist sunglasses sizes, I have a huge head, there’s no shame! Fashion brands, or even collections on a budget, you don’t have to compromise on quality. Check out the website here!

The sun is still just about shining through those clouds this October in the UK, so sunnies are clearly still a necessity. 

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