Black Polo - Charity Shop (Similar
Black Peg Trouser - ASOS
Sleeveless Jacket - StreetTalk (Similar
Boots - Primark (Similar
Bag - Zara 
Bracelet Watch - Skagen 
Skinny Belt - Primark (Similar)
Pom Pom - Dune 

As winter approaches, bright colours start to seem that little bit too summery and I resort back to the old faithful, black. Which I will now make a conscious effort to stop doing. Need some jazziness to brighten up the constant grey skies of Southampton!

I finally got me hands on a polo neck, and from a cheeky charity shop. Not too bad at all. Also got this sleeveless jacket/blazer from a little store in Redhill called StreetTalk for only £15! BARGAIN MATE! 

Earlier this week I wore this for an interview, as I believed it was just the right amount of smart/casj. I think high necks can be chameleon-like depending on the style of top or jumper. The one I am wearing today could be seen as more formal, however my slouchy knit is more casual! My sleeveless jacket adds a little formality like a normal blazer would, but not as much due to the lack of long sleeve-age. I could have probably worded that better, however I am sure you get my drift. 

Also due to the insane wind down here and probably the rest of the UK. Having my hair up in a couple cheeky dutch braids, gets it out the way nicely and I get to look like Jar Jar Binks for the day. (If you don’t know. Get in the bin.) 

Anyway enough rambling on. Hope ya like my ensemble. Would love to see what you lot would wear to an interview or what you think of my choices. 

All t’ best. 

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  1. I love this choice for an interview! I never know what to wear as I don't want to go too smart and down the 'suit' route, but too casual and you risk looking like you don't care. Tough one but you nailed it!
    Love your hair too, who wouldn't want to be Jar Jar Binks for the day?

    Chloe x | Snug Corner


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