Polo Neck - Charity Shop [£2-BARGAIN!] (Similar here
Khaki Peg Trousers - ASOS
Air Force 1 - Office 
Black Oversized Coat - Charity Shop [Also a bargain!] (Similar here
Lips - Rebel With Cause @ Makeup Revolution

This is such a good outfit for when you just want to be comfy but also emit that 90's Sass. You all know what I mean. 

I've mentioned them before, I'll mention them again, the comfiest trousers ever. The high waist and just baggy enough so you aren't self conscious about any problem areas. Also not too baggy that you are tripping up on the crotch... It can be a problem okay..?! 

The polo neck - classic for keeping warm and looking fabulous, am I right or am I right?! Watch out for the sneaky double chin with these though! That shit ain't pretty, heads held high please cherubs! 

Finally my babies. These guys have been through too much and I should probably get some more Air Force 1's but I just don't think I can let go yet. Also, I reckon any trainers would go with this outfit or even some Timbs, ooh plot twist! 

Top a casj outfit off with a bold lip and you are cooking with gas, winning at life and all the rest. It smartens up any outfit whilst also supplying multiple levels of sassiness. No word of a lie. 

Hope you like it my little chicken nuggets. Love to you all. 

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