I have been away again. But I have reasoning! In the last two months of 2015 I have had 3 different jobs and moved into a new house. So I have had zero free time. Busy Busy Busy. But I am finally settled and ready to pick up where I left off! 

I have moved back to Southampton again after being in Surrey for the summer and its SO nice to have my own space. I love you mum, but you drive me nuts. 

(Yes that is the poster from the BBC series 'The Hunt'. So good.)
(My new housemates!)

I am also currently working full time in retail and loving it, but my lordy do I get tired. Hence the lack of blogging! 

Also, this winter daylight timespan in the UK is really limited, I take my own pictures, because I don’t have an Instagram boyfriend (lol), which is also time consuming, therefore I cannot wait for it to be light from 5am to 9pm.

So, when I’m not at work I either seem to be sleeping, eating or cleaning. But in November, all my uni friends graduated and it was the most emotional and crazy week, but I am so proud of them and feel so lucky (ew cringe.) as I know not everyone finds uni so easy, but I found me some right little sparklers

Christmas was a blur, I only had the day off (h8 u retail.) and spent a lot of time travelling back and forth but was so glad to see everyone back home!

Hope you all had a lovely crimbo and soz for the absence, but I'm back now!

Can't get rid of me that easy. 

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