THIS IS MY 100TH POST ON MY BLOG GUYS. Really quite impressed I have stuck at it, despite having breaks. I’m still riding that horse. YES. 

A-n-y-way. This little ramble is all about my yearly GOALZ. 

  • less lazy 
  • take my camera everywhere 
  • buy less impulsively and just for the sake of it
  • wear neglected things in my wardrobe more often 
  • post more variety
I have definitely been less lazy, but I could probably be a little more proactive. Will probably try and keep this one up, but I feel like this one is semi accomplished. 

As for taking my camera everywhere. I haven’t done. This one is a little more unrealistic for me as I hardly ever go anywhere! I’m going to change this one to “Use my camera more.” As I feel like it is wasted! 

I have definitely learnt not to buy just for the sake of it. I now listen to the little voice in my head telling me I don’t really need that top just because it is £9 in the sale, although that other voice still screams “DO IT”.

I think I still need to wear more of my wardrobe. Carrying that one over. 

Same with the variety of post content. Carrying over as well.

So to sum up, not a complete fail on last years resolutions but not quite success. I’m not gonna beat myself up though. ROLL ON 2016. 

  • Be more honest. 
  • Build up staple items in my wardrobe
  • Stop procrastinating. (Stop faffing.)
  • Accessorise more. 
  • Use my camera more
  • Wear more of my wardrobe
Now for some explanations…

There has been a few articles floating round the inter web recently about peoples ‘lives looking great on social media but not in real life’. I think I am quite bad for this as I love an edit, a cheeky photoshop tweak, nothing major, just hiding scars and mahoosive spots on my face. But I think a change will be made form now on. 

As for the staples. I feel like my wardrobe is a little random, I don’t even own a pair of jeans anymore. I got carried away and a little scissor happy whilst customising… I need to get me some basic staple items. 

Now this one is pretty bad. I am such a time waster and I don’t even know how?! I can spend up to 2 hours deciding on an image layout for instagram. Ridiculous. I need to get in the bin. 

My fourth resolution is pretty self explanatory and the last two I have already told you about, so thats it! Lets hope I do better than last year!

Fanks for reading guys! Wish me luck! 

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