So, today I have actually spent all day in bed... No judgements please
BUT, I remembered I forgot to post this! 

Denim shirt - Charity shop (Similar)
Mom Jeans - eBay (Similar)
Boots - Office (Old - Similar)
Backpack - New Look (Similar)
Velvet Choker - ASOS

I have had these beautiful high waist/mom jeans under my bed for ages and always thought they were too tight to fit, however, I squeezed my bum in. 
Round of applause please?! 
Thank you. 

Obviously when acquiring new jeans you must double up and wear more denim to accentuate the new denim, right? RIGHT

ALSO my little cherubs, my jeans weren't the only thing I thought I couldn't fit into, wrong again Liv. I squeezed my chunky chipolata feet into my boots too. Wore them for 6 and a half hours as well. Record for me in heels. 
(I know they don't look high, they feel it though okay!?)

My trusty little choker came out again too. Love that thing. 

Love love to all who made it to this sentence! 


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