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Denim Dress - Charity Shop (Similar
White Boxy Shirt - ASOS
Charcoal Wool Coat - Primark (Similar)
Chelsea Boots - Primark (Similar

I found this little dress in the charity shop a while back, and I knew there was the tiniest smidgen of a gap for it in my wardrobe (why is there never enough room?). £7 later it was in my bag. SOLD. 

Now, when I bought the button down bargain. It was a midi, and I was very tempted to keep it like that. But I begun to think it looked like maternity wear, aaaand out came the scissors! So I put the dress on and measured around-about where I wanted to cut it it. Off the dress came and I snipped away…

However, what I didn’t take into account during this process is the fact it was my day off. Why is this relevant you may ask? Well, day off = no bra. (Obviously) So after my alterations, dress + bra = vagina out. Maths aside, dress was a little bit shorter than anticipated. This isn’t the first time it has happened either. I just get too scissor happy!? WHY DO I NEVER LEARN?!

But, fear not little ones, I came up with the breast solution. (Geddit?!) THE SPORTS BRA. Ultimate comfort, support and slightly flattened boobies, which means the dress doesn’t look to short. Genius, I know. 

Now, you may ask, was it worth all the hassle in the end? Yes is the answer. I love this cute little outfit and I got this cute little story out of it. Because every good outfit needs a story right?

Yes. Yes it does. 

I hope my little tale bought a smile to ya face. 

Love to the kids. 

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