Your exits are here, here and here. 


Bandana - Primark 
White shirt (old) - H&M (Similar) 
Mom jeans - eBay (Similar) 
Converse - Office  

So I was unsure about this whole bandana trend. You see, there is a lot to think about when sporting the neckerchief

  • Do I look like I am part of a cabin crew? The answer is probably yes. But who cares?!
  • Am I ‘cool’ enough to wear this?! again - if you want to wear it. WHO CARES?!
  • Theres always the old double chin conundrum - does it hide or highlight my 3 necks?! 

I can’t think of any more right now but the verdict is… Wear what you want and don’t give a shit about what other people think! (my language is atrocious, I apologise profusely.) As long as you are comfortable, in your clothing and in yourself, thats all that matters!! LIFE LESSONS BY LIV. 

My bum also still fits in these babies that were found under the bed. Must be doing something right. All those maccy d’s are paying off! Added some classic Converse and BAM! Now I feel like Danny Zucco. 

Moral of the story is LOVE YOURSELF.

COS I LOVE YA. Even if we haven’t met <3 

Gawd. I’m such a romantic.

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