Welcome welcome little munchkins.

There's my VB impression. Nice...

Polo neck - Charity shop (Similar) 
Pinstripe peg trouser - eBay, originally Next (Similar) 
Silver platform lace ups - Office
Satchel - Charity shop (Similar) 

Part 2… DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN. Yeah so I regret wearing this now it has got a little warmer. I am tres paranoid about being sweaty and hot, so naturally I decide to wrap up whilst England is getting hotter?! Nice move Liv.

Anyway its another polo neck for moi. I used to be afraid of these bad boys. One of my mums friends once drew a portrait of me and I was wearing a baby blue knit polo (stylin!) and the result was not great. I can still see the three chins now… or was it four? However more and more people seem to be wearing them and naturally I like to try out every trend. 

So, the polo/turtle neck and I are now friends and we have come to an agreement that it hides my sins AND my chins and I wear it out. SIMPLE. 

Next, why the trousers? Obviously pinstripes are the one, so that explains that.

Whats on my feet? I’m sure I’ve told you that wearing silver shoes makes you a silver surfer. Did you see that guy on fantastic four back in the day. He was pretty fly. POINT MADE. 

AND LASTLY.. The bags an old gem. Love love love. THATS ME DONE. 

Adios amigas chikas. 

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