Alright my lovers? 

With the amount of hair I have, wind has become my arch nemesis.
The struggle is real. 

Choker - ASOS
T-shirt (Cut into crop) - Primark
Jumpsuit - Glamorous @ ASOS (Similar)
Air Force 1 Mid - Office Shoes
Bag - Charity Shop
Belt - H&M (old)

Today I shall tell you the story of the wide leg trousers. You see, these aren’t all that they seem. There is a secret. Remember a short while ago I dressed up as a devil (imaginative I know) and I wore this jumpsuit. 

Well well well. I just happen to be wearing it here too. A simple tuck in of the straps, et voila! wide leg, palazzo style trousers. A belt is advised when trying this at home, otherwise said jumpsuit/trousers would be around ones ankles! NOT a great look.

This little trick came about through my desire to own some wide leg trousers, and being the stingy bargain hunter that I am, I didn't want to spend a lot. So I knew I had this gem in the wardrobe and here we are! 

Also, if you like what I did here, have a little look at this trick I did last summer! 

Hope you like my little version of recycling fashion! 

Bon soir! 

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