The comfiest outfit you ever did see.

Oop. Bottom.
Stan babiez.
CHEEKY tree pose.
Apologies again for my little lizard tongue. What the heck...

Grey Jumpsuit - Primark (Similar)
Stan Smiths - Office

Jumpsuits are definitely my favourite thing to wear in the world. So easy to just throw on and go. I mean we all know the toilet situation is kind of awkward, but its a small price to pay really!

This beauty was such a good find, in Primark as well! BARGAIN. It's perfect for chilled Sundays, cba Mondays or hangover days when you need a quick fix. We've all been there...

Also when feeding the hangover (an event just as essential as the night before) this baby has a drawstring waist, which is perfect for adjusting after a deluxe boneless banquet with tons of gravy. (KFC is life

A lot of jumpsuits I've seen online or on the high street are just clean cut, straight up and down, which I love, but like I mentioned in my last post I need a good cinch in. A girls got to highlight her waist! Even when it is non-existent while slumped on the sofa...

So as I sit here all comfy and cosy on my day off, with my feet up. I'll tell you about my shoesies, I've been after a pair of Stan Smiths for aaaaages, classic green ofc. But after seeing these on Alicia Roddy's instagram - LOVE HER.  It was a no brainer really!  

aaaand thats it! 

I actually have never done a yoga class in my life.



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