Okay, horrendous title I know. If you’re not quite sure whats going on, “orange” is supposed to sound like “aren’t”… 

I know, nailed it. 

This is my "I may look like Jesus but I don't care" look. 
Questionable middle stripe placement see ^
^ way too excited ^

White Sweatshirt - eBay 
Orange Culottes - Primark (Similar
Wisteria Lace Up Sandals - Office (Similar)
Chloe Faye Dupe (I LOVE THIS BAG) - eBay 

Look at these culottes though… LOVE. Not even sorry I look like a deckchair, and a fabulous one at that. However that middle stripe looks slightly hilarious. 

If ya hadn’t noticed, I’ve had a wee break from the old blorg. No excuse really. Except for the fact that I have completely up and moved my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE back home to Surrey. Yep, back in the endz. 

It’s actually not that dramatic, but I still haven’t unpacked yet… I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS. 

So without boring you too much. Thats the reason, I’ve moved and been too busy having lotsa summer fun. You can pretty much see on my Instagram what I've been up too. (oop, cheeky plug. GIZ A FOLLOW.)

Long story short,  I’m back, armed with my tripod and the trusty self timer, with loadsa new garms and outfits to show you! 

Hope you like this ensemble and enjoy whats to come!

Also, I am well aware I have cropped all my feet off, I’ve been away from the camera a while and have just dipped my toes back in the water. (pun intended) GIMME A BREAK OKAY?! 

No-one wants to see my tiny chipolata trotters anyway!?!

All the best.

Over and out. 

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