Another cracking title for this outfit post, wouldn't you agree? Mixing and matching lyrics to outfits. 

 Part 1 of "smell-the-fart" blogging... (If you know. You know.)
Mid hitch up of the jeans. Gotta be real.
probably should have ironed my blazer. NEVERMIND.
 Part 2 of "smell-the-fart" blogging.

Blazer - Primark (Similar)
Swing Vest - ASOS
Joni jeans - Topshop
Tie up sandals - Topshop (ON SALE!)
Faye dupe - eBay 

Well my pretties, I hope you have recovered from a lovely weekend, yes I know its Wednesday but I’m not over it. My 2 wonderful days off consisted of karaoke, dancing and excessive alcohol consumption and in turn resulted in one big hangover. If yours didn’t, then I am very disappointed in you. Do better next time. 

Moving forward from strangled cat singer, to sophisticated sass queen (modest..) Look at me go, looking all smart casj. I feel a little like a business woman who can't leave the house in an informal outfit. I simply must put on a blazer. 

We have now reached that awkward stage of the end of British summertime where you can't leave the house without a jumper/coat/jacket but you also can't wear it for too long because the temperature fluctuates every hour. HUMID AS HELL, CHEERS ENGLAND. Optimum time to wear a blazer because you can switch it up and put it on your shoulders. Breezy solutions by Liv. I GOT YOU.

Now, if you are a reader of ma blorg, you'll know about my love/hate relationship with jeans, if you aren't a reader and have simply stumbled upon my little site, then HIYA!! Long story short, I used to think jeans were stiff and uncomfortable but have since gotten over that and doubled up the denim like a Britney/Justin co-ord ensemble. - Iconic.

So it's official, I have more than one pair of jeans. I know they are pretty much jeggings but Topshop Joni's are the most comfiest. Soz. 

Speaking of Topshop, I seem to have made another purchase, SHOOOES MARVELLOUS SHOOOES. I love these sexy wraparound satsumas. The tie doesn't fall down my leg (if done up properly) and they are high enough to wear all day or all night without taking them off in the taxi home. 

Only problem I will point out is that they rub/cut into my big toes. However I think thats because my feet are a little chubs. I must pick up on my toe exercises again. 

No pain no gain right?


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