(cause I slay, I slay, I slay...)


Layering up today as it is sehr sehr kalt. Especially during these frosty mornings. 

Oooh ye can’t beat a frosty morning with the sun shining. Lubbly Jubbly. 

these jeans are so tight, I actually can't bend in them. No pain, no gain?!
(^ foot pop! ^)

Plain White Tee - Primark (Similar)
Grey Cami - Topshop
Mom Jeans - eBay (Similar)
Bang bang boots - New Look

Today I’m talking about this little layering trend. Providing you with 5 reasons as to why its best to inVEST
  1. It keeps you nice and warm.
  2. You can wear all your summery strappy tops and dresses in the winter. 
  3. The t-shirt - or chosen under-layer - hides your bingo wings that were left to flap free in the summer. 
  4. Double tops, wear your two faves at once - UHmazin. 
  5. It looks pretty damn sassy. 

aaaand there we have it. 5 very valuable reasons to layer up and keep those torso’s toasty. 

Spread the word. 

Danke und ich liebe dich


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