I remember writing a post not so long ago about how much I love being home, (which I can’t remember if I ever posted or not?! Soz.) and I do love it. It’s crackalackin’.  

All my bestestest buds are here and I LOVE IT because we do stuff all the time, and they are my faves ever and they make me laugh and I LOVE THEM. 

But I do miss my uni friends (and the uni life) like crazy…

Black Mesh Top - Primark [old] (Similar)
Khaki Pleated Skirt - Primark (Similar)
Red Patent Boots - New Look 
Black Duster - Vila 

Its weird when you think about it, you only really know each other for 3 years. However what people forget, is how much time you spend together. It’s A LOT. So really that timespan is multiplied by at least 3!. 

Don’t get me wrong I still see my gals quite often, but its not the same as coming home to everyone on the sofa, asking “How was your day? and What did you learn?”

I miss watching David Attenborough narrate hilarious wildlife, with a raging hangover and 60 cocktail sausages between us. YES 60. Planet Earth 2 just isn’t the same by yourself, sans hangover. (How good was that iguana last week though?! SKILLS)

I miss the look you give each other when a slightly upbeat song comes on, specifically around 8pm, whether it be on the telly or blaring out of someones room. You know the look. The one that you instantly recognise as… 

“OMG I love this song. We could definitely go out. We have enough time to get ready. You get in the shower first because you take longer. I’ll get pre-drinks ready. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?”

… yep you can tell all of that in just one look. And although you know what one another is thinking, its still followed by “Shall we go out?”

I miss going over what happened the night before and laughing endlessly for hours about what one of us did. OH THE STORIES I HAVE…

I loved the last minute, spur of the moment-ness of it all. Living in a city you can afford to go out on a whim. Easy last minute make-up, leftover alcohol for pre-drinks, you can walk to the club and a tenner is all you need to get absolutely DRUNK. 

Living in a little countryside town. Not so easy. 

So how is this relevant? I think half of us actually wore this top out! Maybe all of us?! I miss the last minute scramble for an outfit, or the excessive planning for a big night in Oceana. On a Wednesday. (0 regrets.) One of the girls actually used to walk in and say “DRESS ME.” 

We would always have a behind the scenes, catwalk-style situation, running up and down the corridor, excessive knocking on each others doors… “what aboooouuut THIS ONE?!” 

This outfit definitely reminds me of one I would wear on a standard Tuesday evening, bar hopping and ending up in the big O. 

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

This ones for you Hamwic & 17 Ordnance. 


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