I woke up with a razor blade for a throat and drippy tap for a nose. Work was tedious and so not the one. 

However, my lovely brother picked me up from the station and we went to the shop for supplies, bananas and veg in his basket, honey and lemon (and ice-cream) in mine. Essentials.

After a laugh in LIDL we went home to a lush homemade curry (s’not all bad!) and I begrudgingly went to tidy up my messy bedroom.

NOW, I’m finally getting to the point. As I was tidying, I realised I have so much crap everywhere (doesn’t everyone?) so I’m going to have a big old clear out this weekend and do a bit of Feng shui to the old bedroom. I usually kick out about 5 bin bags of junk every 6 months or so… I just don’t understand how it all accumulates?! 

As well as a new room, I’m thinking of going back to dark purple hair for the winter and having a decent chop, its getting straggly and fading too often. BUT, don’t worry the goal is still to outshine Rapunzel. 

I have also added a new step to my skincare regime. (oo-err) My usual consists of just a face wash in the shower and make-up removal with micellar water - beauty bloggers plz don’t judge me. BUT ALAS, now I am the proud owner and of day and night cream. I’m gonna drop everything and become a dermatologist now. 

Just repainted my nails too, so they’re new, should probably slow down tbh. Might get whiplash.. 


Cream Off Shoulder Frill Top - New Look
Wide Leg Trousers - ASOS
Red Patent Boots - New Look
Wide Belt - Primark (Similar

This top gives me struggles though, because I feel like a pirate and a clown. I’ve not got the whole ruffle thing yet. Gimme a chance, ITS NEW. 

A little like a diary entry today, i just wanted to share with you my pledge for NEWNESS.

Hope you enjoyed it and there’s not too much waffling.

Mmm waffles. 


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