So, if you have read my blog before, you may know that I like to tell you all a little story about the clothes I'm wearing. 

I like to think its interesting but others may disagree, if you are "others" then you can kindly get in the bin. Thank you please. 

Lets get to it then. Today its all about the trousers…

Black Faux Shearling Biker - Topshop
Black Polo Neck - Charity Shop (Similar)
Wide Leg Trousers - Charity Shop (Similar)
Silver Heeled Boots - Office [old] (Similar) 

Its relatively straightforward really. I actually saw them from outside the charity shop, steamed straight in, did the test of the elastic waistband round my front (cheeky little trick, rather than the hassle of trying on) we were in business. £4 these babies were. BARG BARG BARG…

I get home, VERY excited to try on, ofc they are a perfect fit, if a little short, but hemlines are all floating about at awkward lengths now right?

Now I'm flouncing about like a fool when I go to find my pockets for the ultimate swish (you all know exactly what I’m talking about) and what do I find? Only one pocket!? 

BUT not just any one pocket. A strange, long, pocket that goes down to my knee, and not another to be found on the other side?! 

I like to think that someone once wore them for baking and they put their rolling pin in there... Seems like the perfect reason to me?

Makes me wonder where all my other second hand clothes have come from... So many stories!

Probably from more bakers.


Love to everyone! (especially bakers!)

I miss bake off :(

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