The thing with leopard is, its either FABULOUS or tacky AF. There is a very fine line between the two and being selective is the way forward in my (poorly sighted) eyes. 

Black Faux Shearling Jacket - Topshop
Black Polo - Charity Shop (Similar)
Leopard Skirt - Missguided [old] (Similar)
Black/Leopard Boots - Pink Soda [old] (Similar)

A larger leopard print is more to my liking, although some smaller prints are fine on smaller items, aka socks, cami’s etc. BUT if it was a ditsy print on a jumper or jumpsuit, its a no no from me. BIGGER THE BETTER. A little cheetah however? I’m down. It just works for me! If you don’t know the difference, leave now. JUST GO. 

(Cheetah print is obviously more rounded like spots, whereas the leopard is dappled and paw-print like. DO YOU EVEN KNOW DAVID ATTENBOROUGH?.)

Anywho, this cheeky little skirt caught my eye when I was actually looking for cow print (I LOVE ANIMALS OKAY.) and I thought its quite similar, I’m always in monochrome anyway? aaaand snow leopards are the most beautiful things ever soooo, IN MY BASKET YOU GO. 

If my memory is correct, £10 this scuba sensation cost me. Scuba, scuba?

I also believe I look part Dalmatian and I’m absolutely fine with that. I would possibly like one of those for Crimbo as well as my snow leopard plz. We will all match! Can you imagine! #squadgoals.

MOOO-VING ON. Obviously I had to mix 'n' match with my (half) leopard boots and of course twas the outcome I desired. FANTASTICAL.

Now as we draw to a close, I need to let you all know there are a few key items of leopard I am missing in my wardrobe. 

I am currently seeking: the whole leopard boot (as opposed to half), the coloured leopard skirt (as opposed to B&W) and finally, the iconic leopard print coat. 

I just haven’t found the right one yet!

HOLLA @ ME if you find a good'un!

Stay FUURbulous.

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