Ello chums.
You know how it is in England now we are nearing the end of Autumn, bloody cold, hence the wrapping up. But, seriously, I don’t actually mind the weather, its the whole daylight situation that infuriates me.

Wake up, (FLAWLESS) dark. Finish work, DARK. It’s so claustraphobic! Not to mention, severely inconvenient. Daylight is important to me as a blogger, because without it, shooting photos is a no-no (the rain doesn’t bloody help either). I do a group of outfits at a time anyway but there are only so many I can shoot in one day! Also taking pictures for the gram is a right pain in the arse. 

So I’m pissed off. Days become shorter, which means less time for showing off all my new bits and bobs. I had a massive spend up during my little trip to Southampton this week and I cannot wait to show you all what I got... 

Grey Boxy Jumper - New Look
Choker - ASOS
Wrap Skirt - ASOS (Similar)
Mules - New Look 
Backpack - Primark (Similar)  

Now back to my outfit, this skirt is the most flattering thing I have bought in forever. The wrapover detail is to thank for that, and it flashes an extra bit of flesh when you stride with pride. Whats not to love? 

I bought this boxy jumper when I was cold at work as a last resort and its now my new fave. Funny huh?!

So blah blah blah, here you are. 

Lets wrap this up.


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