There’s nothing better than a long lie in on your day off. 

I know you shouldn’t lie in because it will mess up your sleeping pattern. But sometimes you have simply laugh in the face of danger.

Green Polo - Charity Shop (Similar) 
Cami Wrap Jumpsuit - ASOS
Timberlands - Office Shoes 

Today I have done absolutely shit all. I’ve watched 4 films in a row and eaten beans on toast with multiple cups of tea. PERFECTION.

Lounging around in the comfiest jumpsuit and layered up, nice and warm in my £2 charity shop polo. THAT’LL DO DONKEY. THAT’LL DO. 

So thats all for me. Just a comfy one today. Hope ya like it. 

Now for a warm and cosy night in on a Friday night.

Don’t tell me I don’t know how to live.  

All t’best. 

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