Theres nothing worse than going into a shop and trying something on, that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE may I add, and its too big or too small, what is with sizing these days..? 

The reason being I loved this dress on the model, it looked so cool and baggy and cosy, in reality, a little tight on the tum (biscuits love me) and the sleeves somewhat short. Not the minimal and oversized look I was going for. I NEED THE LONG FLARED SLEEVE PLZ. 

Another thing that annoys the hell out of me is brands lack of specialised sizing? Petite and Tall? I SO would have got this in tall (well I would have got it in a larger size, but I'll talk about that later...) I have an issue with what I feel is appropriate regarding hem length, because I want to wear this to work! This one does look like it comes up a little short! 

In one of my previous posts, I'm wearing the most bestest dress ever but I have the same issue. It might be the fact both dresses are pulled in at the waist? But a girls got to accentuate her curves!? C'mon! 

In conclusion, me being me, I got over this pretty quick and just wore the dresses, short hemline and all. I didn't care too much about the glitter one because it was a night out and my killer moves always distract from any flashing that might occur. Modest I know. 

As for my outfit I'm wearing now, one of my most unsuspecting colleagues complimented me on how I looked, so clearly the dress must be paying off!? 

Moral of the story. More high-street brands need to recognise that if you increase your sizing, larger, smaller, taller and shorter, not only will your sales improve, but brand recognition and appreciation come along with it. 

A lot of brands are doing this though which is bloody brilliant. YOU DA BEST

Now the rest of you, follow tha leader. 


Muchas luv. 

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