Hello my little elves. 

Not long to go now! Old Saint Nick will be hopping down your chimneys in no time, don’t you worry. 

Topic of discussion today is festive dress. I say discussion, really its just my colloquial waffling. Lucky you!! 

Silver Jumpsuit - Primark (Similar)
Polo Neck - Charity Shop (Similar)
Penny Loafers - Zara 
Faux Shearling Jacket - Topshop 

Long story short, you gotta wear a bit of sparkle around this time haven’t you? Even if you somewhat resemble the Tin Man. I MEAN?! If I only had a heart…

To be perfectly honest, just your average Tuesday is probably occasion enough for me. GIMME ALL THE GLITTER. 

However, if you hadn’t noticed, I tend to wear a lot of black. I partly blame the incessant need to match my soul, but really it’s the dress code at work. It sucked me in and now here I am, stuck in this endless cycle of funeral attire. 

So, I have taken it upon myself to break all of the rules, to go ahead and be the silver surfer I was destined to be. I hope all your dreams come true at Christmas too!

Although the shape of this particular jumpin’suit does annoy me, I decided I don’t really give a flying turkey. ITS SHINY. 

Today, I even bought glittery santa hats and have forced my staff to wear them. MWAHAHA (Honestly. Check my gram for the evidence…)

It’s Christmas after all.

(How to lose a guy in 10 days. Best movie EVER.)

Have a good one ya wee pigs in blankets. 

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