December can be either the greatest or the worst. Sorry to dampen the Xmas spirit! ALAS, TIS TRUE. 

Sometimes we forget that its tough for some people, for many different reasons which I won't get into now. But I thought I'd highlight some things that we take for granted everyday,  and just write about things that are good!! 

There comes a few moments in life where you just have to stop for a second, take a step back and make a conscious effort to remember it forever…

Black Cowl Neck Jumper - New Look
Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Glamorous (OLD) 
Bag Strap - Accessorize 
Stan Smiths - Office Shoes 

So here I sit on my lunch break at work, having a very slow miserable day, still shattered from my busy weekend in the big ole capital city. What better place to start? 

I was at the wonderfully wet, Winter Wonderland celebrating my ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE's birthday, we were all singing along to the cheesiest tunes, whilst trying to make shelter under a roof of umbrellas. Not to mention, shielding our many bevs from the rain. (I didn't pay for overpriced alcohol to have it watered down, thank you very much mother nature.

One of the lads turned round and said "I'm so happy right now." Cringe as ever, we all laughed, bless him. But nevertheless, I was feeling the same. Nothing better than having a few pints in the rain EY! 

I've got a little group of these events in my mind, like a little montage and it cracks me up whenever I think of them. 

Another little clip in my memory was at a festival (these feature a lot.) While the sun was setting, my favourite song at the time was being sung, a bubble machine just happened to be blowing in our direction and I was dancing like a crazy person (as per) with the girls. We might have been a little tipsy too. 

But I'm not an alcoholic I promise... 

I'm sure I have many little mems that don't involve me being intoxicated, and probably more that do, but anyway, nuff bout me. 

The other day I saw the cutest little girl, look up at her father and say "What was your favourite part of the day then Daddy?" to which he replied in a low mumble that I couldn't actually hear… but then she said, 

"My favourite part of the day, was spending it with you." 

I melted inside. Kids are so innocent. 

My oldest and bestest friend Gem (hope your reading this George!) is a bit of an athlete, she works incredibly hard and as a result is insane at what she does. My gals a champion. However, recently she didn't get the result she wanted or deserved, which broke my heart. 

Anyway, after my amazing cheering up skills. We went to see our godson Riley, and he just came out with the most beautiful thing,

"You must never give up Gem. You must never give up." 

*Heartbreak emoji* Am I right?! He's only 4! 

Now to round up this cute little post I'm gonna list some little things, that we sometimes forget to appreciate and just need to sit back and really enjoy. 

  • A cuppa in my fave mug
  • Taking my glasses off before bed
  • Warm showers in winter
  • Cold showers in summer
  • Old couples holding hands - love this one.
  • When little ones give you cuddles 
  • Laughing so hard you cry. Or fall on the floor in my case.
  • Sunshine through my window (I don't have a blind in my room for this exact reason!)
  • A cheeky wink (I cannot wink to save my life)
  • That look you give your friend. You know the one. The look.
  • Blue eyes. 
  • The cold bed dance 
  • People reuniting at airports or stations 
  • Singing at the top of your voice in the car. 

I definitely have loads more, but some of them are far too cringe for me to admit. Even this was a little "pass me the bucket" so thats me done. 

Wouldn't want to ruin my street cred. 

I hope this might cheer you up if your having a shitter! Might jog some mems back. 



P.s. Totally unrelated outfit, but hey ho. This get up is just one of my go to's for work that is quick and comfortable! (Oversized FTW

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