So I have seen a couple of people write about this lately, I thought I’d just sum it up…

Throughout the years, TV stylists, makeover gurus and whoever else under the sun, have said that you must dress to flatter your body.

ERR what if I don’t want to?! 

Cream High Neck Jumper - H&M [old] (Similar)
Orange Ruffle Hem Dress - Boohoo
Over the Knee Boots - Office
Clutch - eBay 

Sometimes I just want to wear big old baggy clothes and SO FUCKING WHAT if they make me look a certain way? 

A big old cosy jumper is quite frankly one of my favourite things. (Probably a lot of peoples fave things tbh) So that tight one you suggested, it’s very constricting and quite frankly asthma inducing, so that can stay there thank you please. 

Dresses? All for a baggy one me. Nothing quite like running round the club swirling the fabric around. Loose dresses give you so many more dance moves, they give your shimmy that sassy edge. ooh SWISH.

“Body con would look so much better though, show your real shape?” NO THANKS. I’d rather dress like a tent, and no you cannot pitch up next to me. G'BYE. 

In all honesty, I’m partial to a bit of everything (…stop it.) So I may risk a body con if I’m feeling brave and sometimes I will wear a tight jumper (SEE.) 

The moral of this beautiful story is that I refuse to be told or suggested what to wear.

I will wear my too-big orange dress and baggy sleeve cream jumper and I will wear them with my pretty woman boots. 

Remember what our gal Vivienne said?

BIG mistake.

Buy and wear what you want honey bees. 



  1. I totally agree with the notion that you can and should wear what you want, regardless of how 'flattering' it is.

    Anyway, I bloody love the look of a baggy jumper/dress with OTK boots, you're absolutely rockin' it girl! xx

  2. Kerry Adams16.12.16

    I absolutely love everything you wear.
    Keep the posts coming . . ��


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