I believe I am a little late.

Sunday night, I promised a blog post would be up the following day. Well I've been busy.

Lisa (Mum) and I have started watching Downton Abbey from the beginning. Yes I'm late to the party AGAIN, but I don't care. Maggie Smith is bloody hilarious. I keep expecting her to speak like McGonagall though... 

So yeah, I'm a bit behind schedule however, the moral of the story is... I'm a little bit sick of putting pressure on myself. I'm the living version of that kermit meme.

'Oooh you probably shouldn't eat two packets of mini eggs in one day.' - ERRR YEAH I SHOULD. They smell amazing! - Not weird I promise, buy a pack and give em a sniff.

'Hmm maybe you should dress a little smarter for work?' - Yeah but its freezing, I want to be comfortable and my bum looks good in jeans. Modest.

'You definitely should have worn makeup this week, everyone is staring at your crater face.' - No Liv, you aren't that special (I AM.), calm the fuck down, let your skin breathe.

I mean the list could go on and in reality it mostly is trivial things. I'm just a little bit sick of putting pressure on myself to be a certain way, or to do certain things. I think I'm a pretty relaxed person anyway, but the devil on my shoulder keeps cracking his little red whip, and I'm just about ready to flick him off into oblivion. Know what I mean?!

In relation to my get up. I want to wear a comfy jumpsuit but that voice in my head is saying, "it's a bit TOO casual." (my life is literally that eye rolling emoji) So I'll just bung on a white shirt! GAME CHANGER. The ultimate wardrobe staple with all its versatility.

I need to remember that the world isn't going to come crashing down if I don't wear my loafers or forget to post thrice a day on Instagram.

I WILL be more chill.


Lots of love for the dreary end of January! 


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  1. This outfit is SO cute! I'm a wee bit obsessed with Mini Eggs now they're back. oops...

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear


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