I had a bit of a break over xmas and new year. SO SHOOT ME? I had a bloody brilliant time, thanks for asking. 

Now, I had a little look at my “GOALZ” from last year and I seemed to have actually achieved something! 

Meanwhile on your scroll down, here's an outfit that reminds me of Emma Thompson's character in Love Actually, don't ask me why, it just does?! (Sidenote - ALL THE FEELS WHEN SHE OPENS THE JONI MITCHELL CD)

White Linen Shirt - Charity Shop [£1 - BARGAIN] (Originally from M&S)
Jumpsuit - H&M [I cut the legs shorter]
Scarf - ASOS [sold out]
Silver Boots - New Look 
Furry Bag - Primark (Similar

Last years "promises" to myself were as follows... 
  • Be more honest. 
I’d like to say that I am more so now, in real life, but when it comes to social media which is what I intended. I failed a little, so what if I like to polish round the edges? Everything looks better with a sprinkle of glitter on it. 

  • Build up staple items in my wardrobe
This one is my biggest achievement! I actually did this! I now have some timeless pieces crossed off my list. YASS LIV. 

  • Stop procrastinating. (Stop faffing.)
This will probably always be on my list, I mean, doesn’t everyone do it? However, upon reflection I do think I’m slightly better than last year. Thats something at least..?

  • Accessorise more. 
Completely changed my mind on this one. Less is more duhh. I do seem to have accumulated more jewellery, belts and bags though…

  • Use my camera more
I never do this enough, but like my attempt to stop procrastinating I like to tell myself I’m getting better. 

  • Wear more of my wardrobe
I’m sure I have achieved this one, but it might just be the fact that I just keep buying new stuff so it seems like it… 


So there you have it, my opinions on last years wishes. 

If you hadn’t guessed, this year I give a lot less of a shit. (SORRY LISA)

But I will share with you some guidelines I plan to stick to (pfft) in the very near future. 

Stay tuned San Diego.

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