Happy Monday lovelies.  

Can I just say, how good does velvet look when its photographed?! I bloody love it.  

Also, I did plan for my hair and top to match. It's become a thing now. 
Didn't you know?!   

Purple Velvet Crop - Primark  
 Blue Velvet Puffa - New Look (Similar)  
 Wide Leg Trousers - ASOS 
 Stan Smiths - Office 

So, thoughts on the wide leg?! I've been after a decent pair for a while because I've been using a jumpsuit and tucking the straps in up until now! I wanted a pair specifically with belt loops (so I can wear belts with them, duhh) and found these. They aren't as wide as I'd like but I can't decide whether thats down to the fact my body shape alters the fit, or whether they are just like that?! We always want what we can't have right?!  

Now this puffa... I was unsure at first because surely a padded coat would make me look like the Michelin man. Well maybe, but I look like a SASSY AF, blue velvet, Michelin man. So who's the real winner here?! (Clue: it's not bloody Michelin.
Always a winner winner, chicken dinner. 

Furthermore, to conclude my Monday musings, if you have a new material crush, (I actually don't like crushed velvet, some sort of irony happening here...) then double it up

I'm thinking a suede combo coming soon.  

Watch this space.  

Yours, the textile twinner. 


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