At long last, dreary old January is over. SOZ JAN but you are Terry Beale *(scroll for explanation if unsure).  

So February is here and spring is just around the corner. GIMME ALL THE SUNSHINE PLZ.

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So, why not get a bit of spring cleaning underway?!

Recently I had a week off work and went to see my wonderful family down by the coast. While I was there I helped my auntie clear out her wardrobe… So, I personally consider myself a clothes hoarder, but she is a-whole-nother level. Eleven bin bags of clothes ladies and gentlemen. ELEVEN BLACK SACKS sent off the charity shops. 

The best part about doing this for other people/family is not only can you laugh at some questionable fashion choices made throughout their life, while stealing all the good stuff they don’t want anymore! MWAHAHA!

I have been after one of my aunties coats for a while now and she said I could have it! THE DREAM. (look out for a cheeky red number in the near future.) AND, I acquired this lovely herringbone wool number too. How nice?! I love it. Although, it turns out my auntie had the same idea as me and had ‘borrowed’ it from my nan previously. Double hand-me-down ey?! 


This isn’t the first time I’ve acquired family fancies either. Every so often when I was younger, another one of my aunties used to come round with bags of old stuff. I used to love going through it all and picking out what I want, those sacks were a treasure trove. As if I need another reason to sing like The Little Mermaid, “you want thingumabobs? I GOT 20! But who cares? No big deal. I WANT MOOOOOORE”

Sooo… find that friend or family member who you know needs to do this, and be ruthless. You will be helping them out, helping yourself (if you bag a freebie) and possibly a charity shop or two with donations!! 

Also, just quickly, It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the same size either! If you find someone smaller, their pre-loved oversized goodies should fit (^case and point for me^) and if they are bigger, you now have your own oversized items! MAGIC. 

Take a little weight of those shoulders. 


Lubbly Jubbly.  

*Terry Beale = Terrible (duhh.)

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