Ello treacles!! 
I don’t understand why so many people hate this day. Even if they are in a relationship?! Yeah yeah its all a marketing con and really, we probably shouldn’t spend so much money on it. Something like 70 million squids were spent this weekend just gone. (Think of the shoes we all could have bought with that money… heartbroken.) Bit of a waste really but its always nice to show someone you love them. 

We shouldn’t need a special date anyway! I mean, personally, I expect cute cards every Monday and fancy flowers on Fridays, but expectations and reality can be quite different… 

Have a little scroll to see the message I received from my tinder match this morning. Who said romance was dead?!

Green Jumper - Charity Shop (Similar) 
White Gingham Skirt - Primark [old] (Similar)
Red Patent Boots - New Look
Chloe Faye Dupe - eBay
Camel Coat - Missguided [old] (Similar)

So stop being so down in the dumps and put on a skirt like me, yes its chilly, but we all need the chance to have that Marilyn Monroe moment and tonight could be the night. OR You could always put your skirt on and dance around the living room? Just do something with a smile on yer chops. 

If your single, no you won’t be forever alone and eaten by cats. There’s someone out there for everyone I’m sure. If that lot on Jeremy Kyle can do it, so can you.

If your in a relationship, now is the time to be a bit of a cringe, even if your partner shrinks into themselves from the high levels of cheese. Know that they secretly love it.  

I’m staying in with my Goyfriend and Godson tonight, because every Tuesday we learn Spanish now (keeping that new years resolution) oh and because I love em I suppose. Then I will probably celebrate with the public this weekend, I couldn’t possibly go out tonight, there will be too many couples about and I will distract them from each other due to my fabulousness. We don’t want that. 

So, don’t be like my latest tinder match and stay in and “have a wank and cry” - yep, direct quote. (He also asked to be my valentine - cute, however he said that means we need to buy flowers for ourselves and say they’re from each other... Soz mate. I draw the line! How do people come up with this shit?!

ANYWAY. We must all share the love, Christmas is over and we can no longer get away with being the Grinch. 


from your big hearted, big headed, purple haired Liv. 

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