Happy Friday you gorgeous lot.

I bloody love this dress right now. This whole corset detail thing going round. BIG FAN. Underwear as outwear is the one.

Now, I’m gonna have a ramble about self confidence, Instagram and jelly. Have a scroll and check it below!

Lace Up Midi Dress - ASOS
Slingback Mules - Office 
Black Wool Coat - Charity Shop (Similar
Earrings - ASOS
Choker - ASOS

I fell in love with this dress because I feel like it fits me in all the right places. Tight on the waist, baggy(ish) around my tummy (my problem area) and I’m pretty sure I could do a decent lunge on the dance floor, so thats me sorted for the night!

Now, I was scrolling through Instagram with friends a little while back now and one of them said "That girl is too big. She's obese, thats not healthy"

The accounts I follow, are mainly other bloggers, some plus size and some body positivity advocates. A lot of these people and brands will post a -may I add- FABULOUS underwear or naked selfie from time to time and WHY SHOULDN’T THEY?! These people are my role models.

I used to pause on images of women who are larger than I am and think the same thing as my friend. I also used to pause on images of smaller women and think they looked ill. 

It has all changed now. I double tap that. I think to myself WOW what a fabulous woman(/man) and they look amazing! Fair fucking play for having the confidence to wear/shoot/post and on top of that, be who you are. 

Yes this may be another ramble about a subject that a lot of people have gone over, but why should I ignore it? Maybe I can change someone's opinion who hasn't read the many articles about it. Open some eyes and minds to what a REAL role model is.

Yes being overweight (or underweight) is unhealthy and not a good thing to shout about, but most people I see online and in real life, promote body confidence and self love.

I used to deliberate for hours, not minutes, hours. Over a single Instagram image. Now, don't get me wrong, I still cover up a spot here or there, I'll change a background colour and I love me a filter, but I'm nowhere near as bad as I used to be. 

Its all thanks to the self confidence of others, I'm inspired no matter what their size/gender/ethnicity/sexual preference etc. I've said it before and I'll say it again, whether it be a like, comment or emoji, any kind of compliment is support to me and that is everything when it comes to changing your way of thinking. 

The good and the bad stick with me, like they do with all of us...

The other day my friend's son ran up behind me in a busy supermarket, grabbed my bum and shouted "wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate." HORRIFIED?! A little, but I was laughing too much to care! 

Something will always be said and followed by "JOKES" or "You know I'm only joking..." - which we have all laughed off but it's tiring now and doesn't cut it any more. The comments, comparisons and digs still come daily (and I still get down days, don’t get me wrong) but each time it bothers me less. 
However, for other people its different, everyone's learning to love themselves and its about time we give them a bloody chance.

So the next time you judge someone, give it a little more thought and consideration. BE A ROLE MODEL. Encourage what is different. Maybe you know their story, maybe you don't. 

I felt the need to share this because I have a voice and no matter how loud it is, 0r far it travels, I'm going to use it. 

Now double tap that. 

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